- #WeCounterHate

This was one of those rare projects that you somehow sell into your agency that people just rallied around. We had hand raisers from all disciplines, not just creative - all willing to dive headfirst into an issue that seemed almost insurmountable. Long nights, weekends, and an army of freelancers tossing their skills to make it happen.

To start, it's an AI platform built to stop the spread of hate speech on Twitter. We developed a machine learning platform that could identify and classify the toxicity of hate speech in realtime from a sea of tweets.

The platform then replies to a hate tweet with a message explaining that for every retweet a donation will be committed to a non-profit that fights for equality, inclusion and diversity. Thus creating a deterrent to those that wish to spread hate. 

Life After Hate is the non-profit beneficiary for this AI platform. A group of former white supremacists who work to bring people out of hate groups. These former KKK, Neo-Nazis, and Skinheads even worked with us to help train the AI to find hidden forms of hate speech on Twitter.

The magic was watching it work, seeing it stop the spread of hate speech up to 50% on the tweets we countered. To date over 4M less people were exposed to hate on social media from our little project. It all reminded us that as creative professionals we have a responsibility to use the opportunities given to us to leave the world in a better place than we found it.


91% success in identification of hate speech vs human

54% reduction in retweets

19% tweet deletion rate

4M fewer people exposed to hate