Visit Seattle - 2 Days in Seattle

Seattle Conventions and Visitors Bureau was looking to boost hotel booking for January – April, which is the slow season in our rainy city, and settled on a strategy to market Seattle weekend trips to 3 target markets: San Francisco, Vancouver, and Portland. The strategy used Seattle’s arts, culture, food and wine scene to draw in their target demographic. My talented partner Mike Hayward tossed out the idea of using Klout to give away free trips to influencers in those verticals and from there the 2 Days in Seattle campaign was born. I led the creation of a digital experience that would use the social content created from the trips to create utility for future trip planners.

We took over train stations, wrapped metro, and placed targeted online in unique spots like stumbleupon. All working together with a mobile experience that helped bring to life all the things you could do with just 2 Days in Seattle. It was our attempt to redefine travel marketing, and so far we’ve exceeded expectations.