What is the Wandervine Project?

Triumph promises to be For the Ride. 

We’ve built bikes as a conduit to a new world. But never before have we provided the journey itself. 

The Wandervine Project is an innovative mobile idea created to own the experience of the ride – one that leans with you through every turn and twist your journey provides.

Wandervine at its core is a platform that enhances the experience of owning a Triumph by connecting dealers and owners. It harnesses the stories of our advocates and uses them to shorten the sales cycle and increase volume. 




Motorcycles wander both in body and in mind. They can fulfill the search for something, and the search for nothing simultaneously. It is this duality that makes us fall in love with them and the tribes we join when we ride one.

And while each rider is unique and each ride intensely personal, Triumph owners are deeply communal. Wandervine will leverage this tribe-like emotion and inspire and connect the Triumph community in ways never before experienced.



What you get from a Triumph motorcycle?

An industry-leading performance machine? A category-defining motorcycle? A bullet-proof ride?

A piece of storied British heritage?


Yes, but there’s more.

You're buying into the promise of where this beautiful new motorcycle will take you. 

The places you’ll go. 
The people you’ll ride with. The things you’ll see.

You are buying a Triumph motorcycle because you want to see the world differently.
And you want the world to see you differently, too.


When you buy a Triumph. You buy a new you.

Wandervine is a mirror into this future. It adds a dose of reality to even your wildest dreams. 
The dealership is chock full of the accessories for this new self, but Wandervine is brimming with the pages of new chapters, just begging for you to write.


It’s opener, out there, in the wide, open air.
— Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!

A new kind of warranty

The warranty of a promise

What is missing from the Zero Down, No payments until, extended warranty, and voted best bike in category proof points used to tip a consumer into signing on the dotted line?

The promise that this motorcycle will take you where you want to go.

Where you want to be, see, and do as this future idea of yourself.

Its a new kind of warranty. It is an experience warranty.



What will it do?

Wandervine is a mobile-optimized digital platform that inspires and connects Triumph riders, prospective buyers, and dealers.

It provides:

•    Tools akin to Nike+, but for the two-wheeled enthusiast
•    Discover new rides, spots and like-minded enthusiasts near you
•    Social integration for sharing, acquisition, and incentivizing
•    Dealer relationship-management channels
•    A publishing platform for hyper-local motorcycle culture
•    Exclusivity for Triumph owners, without restriction for sharing


For Riders:

Provide utility:
Wandervine will provide tools for riders to log and save their favorite routes, events, and spots. Much like Nike+, but built specifically for the two-wheeled enthusiast.

Connect them:
Immediately upon joining Wandervine, riders will have access to user-generated content that is local to their region. They can invite others, curate collections for friends, build Facebook events and more.

Amplify the Triumph experience:
Sharing your latest ride, your Instagram shots from your latest hangout, posting a small group ride invite to Facebook – Wandervine blends natural consumer behavior with the social integration that gets prospective customers interested in the Triumph culture. Much like Nike+, Wandervine capitalizes on the natural human behavior of sharing what makes us feel better about ourselves.

Inspiration from influencers:
Wandervine will publish insider stories about events and culture, leveraging stories close to dealership regions. From “Tanks and Helmets” at the Pirahana Shop in Sodo to “The One Show” in PDX, Triumph fans will get access to exclusive coverage by a pool of freelance journalists and photographers – in their region.



For Shoppers:

Incentivized to take the next step:
Seeing is believing. The goal of Wandervine is to lessen the 20 touchpoints needed to sell a new bike by creating a new kind of warranty - the warranty of promise. The promise that a new Triumph will take them where they dream of going.

Their friends will share rides, events, photos and more on Facebook and Instagram from their Wandervine adventures. They’ll see stories of Triumph culture shared from Wandervine, and vicariously step into the tribes they’ve been dreaming of joining.



For Dealers:

Brand differentiation:
Wandervine will provide deeper brand differentiation through experience differentiation. Selling a motorcycle is akin to selling a promise, and Triumph will be the first to market with a platform to make this promise tangible and visible to prospective buyers like no other brand before them.

Stay connected to your customers:
Group rides, on-site events, service reminders, and announcements of new parts and gear provide the dealer with opportunities to play a part in the promise of owning a Triumph. They will play an equal role in the real benefits of being a part of this tribe, and in doing so, strengthen the connection with their new brand advocates after they drive off the lot.

Incentivize social actions:
Through this platform individual dealerships can reward social activity to their most influential customers. We will align business rules to “dealer offers” – to continually nurture the best storytellers that surround each target geographic area. This will amplify impressions where it matters most, by our dealerships.





 Responsive display for in-store, tablet and desktop view of content mirrored in iOS app 


Native iOS delivers a rich utility experience + social rewards at dealer level
Incredible data mining opportunity and mobile-friendly loyalty engagement


Dealer dashboard - Local Rider Scorecard view
Actionable data display keeps the dealer informed on their owners and prospects


Hyper local and relevant in-store display of the Triumph experience told by local owners
Multi-screen experience - iPad for sales staff and passive-play for TV screens


Direct connection with customers via Push Notifications
Hyper relevant experiences > Model related new products > Maintenance reminders and offers


Thoughts from the dealers


"I love the concept of tying folks together through experience, its powerful”

- Johnny / Motoworks Chicago

"This whole concept is outstanding and the fact that Triumph could be the first manufacturer to offer something like this would be phenomenal. As a dealer I am constantly looking for more ways to directly connect with my customers and the store Facebook page simply doesn’t cut it. 

The part about this project I am only now beginning to understand in terms of capability is the ability to reward loyal customers and loyal users.  Not only in give-aways and discounts, but by featuring them on our shop Facebook page, in newsletters and possibly even in-store to share their riding experiences.

I would definitely be investing in smartphones and/or tablets for my sales staff and managers.  The fact that they can have something to always show that “just looking” customer is great.  Plus when it's are your own rides, pictures and experiences you are sharing, chances are you more excited to engage in conversation about them.

We need this.  Other brands are working on it currently (something similar but not nearly as comprehensive) and I don’t want to see Triumph miss the boat."

- Garrett Johnson / Seattle Triumph