Seattle Aquarium - Edwin the Super Duper Otter Ebook

It’s too rare in this business that you get to create something that truly adds value to people’s lives. My partner Mike Hayward and I developed a concept centered around the imagination that the marine animals and fish inspire in children. These creatures are truly from a world of their own, and the only place to see them is at the Seattle Aquarium. The hub of this campaign was a beautifully written children’s story about an otter named Edwin and his quest find out what will make him special in a place full of amazing animals. We crafted the story into an interactive iPad ebook and filled it with image galleries, videos, & quizzes to bring it to life for children. It gives parents a fun & educational introduction into marine life & conservation for their little ones.

It’s a brand experience that gets invited into the home, and exists in a habitual relationship between our two most important audiences, the parent and child. Here is a snippet from the talented artist Cody Shipman that co-illustrated the book with me:

“The book is a big hit with little kids. My sister is a speech pathologist that works with preschoolers and kindergarteners and often uses books in her therapy. She said that every time she pulls out the iPad they ask her to read it. They get super into it, remember what’s going to happen and at the end of the book wave goodbye and say goodnight to the sleeping animals. She has personally requested that we do another.”

Within 3 weeks, it had climbed to #9 in Children and Teen’s and #8 in Children’s Fiction with an average of 400 copies downloaded per day.
Check it out for yourself – Edwin the Super Duper Otter