Lonely Whale Foundation - Strawless Ocean

Let's be honest, 2017 was a year full of issues people cared about. Important issues that took up every ounce of our available mind-space. So when Lonely Whale Foundation approached us and asked us to develop a breakthrough idea to stop the use of single-use plastic for ocean health, we knew it was going to be a challenge.

And we broke through that challenge with the power of a simple plastic straw.

We launched a movement to change consumer behavior. We got them to #stopsucking, and help reduce the 500 million plastic straws we use every single day. 

We slapped the straws out peoples faces at SXSW. We created a chain of celebrity and brand call-outs. We jumped the conversation out of the ecology echo chamber and into pop culture. We produced a tongue-in-cheek social PSA. We created a coalition of bars, restaurants, ballparks and venues to come together for a month long awareness push, and we (gently) nudged a major city to enact laws to actually ban plastic straws.

And we did this with not one penny spent on paid media.


74.3M social reach

+50K stopsucking pledges

+100 restaurants and venues going straw-free

29.2M straws kept out of the ocean

$0 media spend