Dru Bru + Uber + Lib Tech + Summit at Snoqualmie - #OfficeRescue

In Seattle, rain makes everyday stresses even worse. Snoqualmie Ski Resort showed the city rain also means snow in the mountains by bringing the city together for an adult “Snow Day.”

Stress is literally killing us, and we’re inviting it. Stress causes us to over eat, under sleep, and have twice as many strokes—yet we still can’t manage to take the time off we’re due. And when we’re chained to our desks, we’re not skiing. We’re not even daydreaming about it.

We rescued stressed out workers from their offices one dreary January morning. And we didn’t just give out lift tickets—we got Uber on board for transportation, Lib Tech to throw in snowboards—and, most critically—pint after pint of free beer courtesy of Dru Bru. We gave Seattle a “Snow Day”, and the city came together to celebrate.

Teaser for #OfficeRescue

Office Rescue Case Study - We partnered with Uber, Dru Bru, and Lib Tech to rescue Seattle workers on a soggy Friday morning in January - with beer, boards, snow and an adorable St. Bernard named Kima.


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