AT&T THANKS - Santa Live

AT&T's customer appreciation program wanted to thank their loyal customers in a big way during the holiday season–so naturally we were briefed in late November to come up with a way to cut through the seasonal clutter and competition.

A mere four weeks later we launched a 2-hour Facebook LIVE show streaming directly from the North Pole featuring Santa and his crew. The magic of the holiday captured attention from AT&T families around the country, and established a new moment to celebrate, "The Day Before The Night Before Christmas." The day Santa took time out of his crazy busy schedule to personally thank all the good little boys and girls who made his nice list.

Names and stories of countless good little boys and girls, and even photos proving how their child deserved to be mentioned by Santa–all came pouring in through our Facebook Event Page.

Parents and children tuned in to hear Santa talk about them. They watched and interacted with the elves, reindeer, Mrs Claus and Santa as the story moved from fireside to the workshop and even a fully decked out reindeer barn. 

It was a four-week push and nothing short of a Christmas miracle.


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